Memory not as sharp as it used to be?

Memory for remembering scripts that is.  We all know about my memory for names and faces by now.  Memorizing scripts used to be a breeze, but now I just can’t seem to get it right.  I had two weeks this time, and it was better, but I still changed a few of my lines because I couldn’t quite remember them.  I know part of this is actual rehearsal time- we seem to be able to run through it an average of 1.5 times before the performance- but even with this handicap I feel I had a better handle on the memorization at the beginning of the year.

Today we also had a crisis getting props together.  There was supposed to be a squirt gun, for example, but I had to improvise by using a flashlight instead (cool flashlight by the way, in the shape of a cordless drill so I think it worked).  Also I had to make a backpack have some semblance of a rocket jet pack using some printed graphics and rolled-up paper tubes.  Of course the tape on this and another prop failed.  I will have to bring duct tape for the two groups tomorrow.

And now, I have to study the lesson for tomorrow’s 4th/5th grade class- it is my turn to teach again, and this time I have more than a half-hour notice so it needs to sound like it. 🙂

4th-grader I DID know!

Usually I go a long time between seeing kids from my church in their natural daily habitats.  Tuesday was the super day, way out of the ordinary.  Today I ran into another one, apparently whose memory was not as good as the one I ran into on Tuesday.  This time he wasn’t in my class, but he was in a nearby 4th grade classroom.  I passed him in the hall, then turned and did a double take- I actually recognized him.  At the same time, he did his own double take, but he wasn’t as sure.  When I went to pick up my class from fine arts, there were two other classes in the same room, sort of a special fine arts day.  His class was one of them, and his teacher was already leading the class away.  He asked if he knew me, maybe from church.  I just smiled and said, “I’ll see you on Sunday, Brandon!” (okay, I guess first names are okay- I’ve been a bit paranoid on identifying people).  Then he knew.  At the end of the day I gave him a high five.  So on Sunday, I will see two fourth-graders at 11:15 who I encountered this week, maybe three if Daniel (from Tuesday) brings his friend again.

As far as the day went, it was very easy- no teaching at all.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t make me happy, but it’s been a long week and I was ready for some rest.  I even made two errors this morning since I was so tired.  This morning went like this: fine arts (combined classes), math test, fine arts (single class), finish math test, lunch.  That was it.  The afternoon was a little more complex with SSR (silent reading), spelling test, reading test, computer lab.  Yes, they took three tests in one day- not a fun day for them.  I guess I did do more than babysit in the afternoon.  I of course had to give the words and sentences for the spelling test, and additionally I had to proofread and correct papers on the computer before the kids printed.

In any event, I am glad for the weekend.  I enjoy what I do (mostly) but I need the break.  Before I sign off, I should mention that all went well except for a couple of boys.  One was constantly talking, even during the math test in the morning, which he did not have to take since he was in a different math class.  Unlucky for me the teacher didn’t tell me what he should do so I had to find him something to do.  He said he finished the poetry project, didn’t have a book, and wasn’t allowed to read one of the books in the room because they had to be “checked out” and he had lost a book so he couldn’t check out another.  I didn’t think the teacher would mind, as long as he didn’t bring it home, but no dice.  Sigh.  He was actually elsewhere for most of the afternoon, so that time went better.  The other boy was really only a problem while the first one was in the room- they kind of fed off of each other.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to torture myself by taking out my contacts, then winding down for bed.  Yeah, I know- Friday night.  Well, I still haven’t gone back to the singles group.  They have a movie night tonight, I am David, but I think I have seen it and I just didn’t want to go.  I really need to force myself next time.  Why the torture?  Well I just made my self some salsa, 3½  pasta-sauce-sized jars of it.  Made with habanero, serrano, jalapeño, and other hot peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.  The hot pepper juice of course clings to the skin for several hours, so hot pepper meets eye and…  If I don’t post tomorrow it may be because I’m blind from this.  Anyway, goodnight.

Those kids I (should) know…

I have mentioned in the past occasionally running into students who I know from church. The most interesting response one has ever given me was a few years ago in a district I used to sub in. It was an afternoon position and the kids just came back from lunch. Then one boy just shouted out, “Hey, I know you!!!” Well, as is often the case working with so many kids, plus my faulty memory when it comes to names and faces I only vaguely remembered him, but at least I knew from where I knew him, so I said so then slyly looked up his name. From that point on I got to know him better at church, as well as his brother who would enter the 4th grade the following year. Today I found myself in a similar situation. He didn’t blurt it out like the one a few years ago, but quietly let me know. Unfortunately my memory of him was no better than that other time. In my defense I should say that I work two services and interact with about 80-90 each weekend. Some I interact with more than others, and he unfortunately was one of those others. No sly tricks this time though, but I mentioned that I may have to have him put in my cabin at camp this June so I remember him better.

So of course this wouldn’t be as interesting a post if there wasn’t more to this story. After the kids had PE in the morning, they came back and switched classes for science/social studies (my class went to social studies, another class came in for science). So then another boy told me he remembered me from church too! After telling him I didn’t recognize him, he confessed he’d only been there twice as a guest of the first boy. So, not as much coincidence then since the first boy was involved. Later, after lunch, you guessed it… I ran into someone else from my church. What three in one day? Is God telling me something? If so He will need to be clearer unfortunately- this mind of mine isn’t seeing it. I actually ran into someone from church picking up his daughter for a dental appointment. In fact, I had worked with him one year in AWANA. He was the new director of TNT boys (Truth in Training, 3rd-5th grades) and I was a leader. Anyway, care to guess which class his daughter was in? Just by my asking the question you know it was mine. She didn’t know me though as far as I know- it’s possible she goes to the service I don’t lead in. I’ll have to find out.

Speaking of AWANA, I had one of my bigger memory freezes with the former director of the 3rd-5th grade boys. After about six weeks of working with him once a week, I saw him at a churchgoer’s get-together at someone’s farm. He saw me and said hello, and I recognized that I knew him, but I suddenly couldn’t place where I knew him from! Ah, that mind of mine- short-circuits from time to time. Once I said so and he told me, it was the biggest duh! moment ever.

Well, until next time.

Update: Here’s a story about someone with a memory opposite of mine:

Would you like to remember every day of your life? 

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