Sub what?

Life as a substitute teacher can be an interesting life sometimes.  I am a substitute teacher in the Chicago area (not the city itself, I don’t think I am ready for being a white guy in a 99% Black and Hispanic area with metal detectors in every school).  I work in several public K-8 districts in order to work nearly every day during the school year.  Typically, I try for 3rd-7th grades, but I am always willing to do K-2 and 8, and I have even been known to do preschool from time to time where it is offered in the public schools.  These are the stories of my adventures in the classrooms.

I am also an Evangelical Christian.  Yes, I know this is a turnoff for some of you as it will mean you won’t find anything raunchy here like on many other blogs, and no foul language from me either.  On the other hand, it is also your ticket to read on without worries of what little eyes might see!  In addition to my school adventures, from time to time I will post on my church adventures too.  You see, not only do I teach children during the week, I also teach 4th and 5th grades on the weekend, and even go to camp with them for a week once a year.  I also do drama at my church as well, usually for K-3, but sometimes during the main service on the rare occasions when they have drama during it.  I do community theatre sometimes as well, and most recently played Fagin in Oliver! and had a small role in a friend’s production of a show he wrote.

Speaking of my friend, he is the admin here at this blogsite.  Want to start your own blog here?  Just go to and sign yourself up, and while you’re there see some of the other blogs (I can’t guarantee the family-friendliness of any blog but my own, just so you know).  I have some links on my blog here for a few written by friends of mine.  So what are you waiting for?  Click back to the main page and start reading! 🙂

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