And now, to rest…

Hey, I’m back!  Ok, you never knew I was gone since I barely post.  Well, I have something to post about now.  Camp 2012.  Coming soon, but first a rest.

Boy, you can almost hear the crickets chirping around here lately, partly due to me of course.  I do know the situations of two of you of course; as for Jamiahsh, the new job must be keeping him busy.  Or has this blog site run it’s course?  Maybe it’s time to open a Twitter account since I don’t blog much anyway.  And I don’t think it has to be tied to a real name unlike Bookface, I mean Facebook.  Could be wrong though as I have never looked into it.

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Thinking of a good title is difficult.  While some of the suggestions were good, I wasn’t in love with any of them and I’m not sure yet how much I love this one.  CAST is an acronym- Christ, Acting, Singing, and Teaching.  I don’t do much of teaching anymore, but I still do once a month or so and am at least a leader for other weekends.  It is conveniently placed last in the acronym while Christ is first.  Not that He really has been first in my life seemingly, but it is a goal.  Christ needs to be before everything, including family (fortunately He places a high value on family, especially children so He usually won’t demand anyone actually give up their family, just put Him first in your family).  So what do you think of this title?  It also has a ring to it as far as the performing words of the acronym.  As in I am currently cast as a singer and actor in Jekyll & Hyde.

The unofficial takeover of the 11:15 service has become official with the couple I mentioned before having been asked to share the role of the “point person,” or head “anchor”.  I am having somewhat of a problem with one of them unfortunately.  I haven’t yet decided if she is just taking the role far more seriously than others in previous years or she is overstepping her authority.  Looking in the guide their role is that of the room leader, but she has taken to threatening to not allow someone to lead a small group for such things as being late or doing something during the teaching time other than sitting with the kids and listening to the message with them.  Productive things I should say, not “I just don’t want to listen” things as kids often do in school.  I believe she is crossing a line here but I have to think on it, maybe ask Lisa- the staff member in charge of 4th/5th grade.  In any event, there is friction here and something needs to happen to remove it.

The show is almost there.  We just had our first rehearsal with the orchestra yesterday, at the actual performance venue.  Okay, the set for the currently running show, Into the Woods, is up meaning we will have to work around it, but aside from one more rehearsal at the retirement home we’ve been at, we are now rehearsing on the actual stage.  It was strange to work with the orchestra two weeks in advance- I am used to the orchestra not being there until a day or two before opening night.  Indeed, we may not see them again until then, but even if so, the one chance was better than none at all.  Less than two weeks until opening- yikes.  But we will be ready. 🙂

The Singing Disciple?

Still working on a title.  I want something that somewhat describes me, but not something a lot of people use.  In this example, there is a gospel group called the Singing Disciples, so maybe that one is not so good.  The singing photographer?  Erm, no.  I would stress my born-again life over my car job.  The Singing Teacher is likely popular too, and teaching is such a small part of my life now, reduced to just once a month.  Can you tell I have a fixation with singing?  I can’t say “acting _____” though because it sounds more like “temporary ______” rather than focusing on the actor me.  I’ll come up with something eventually…

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Site news

Sorry all for the lack of posting and blog-reading lately.  This show, and this job, have kept me quite busy lately.  The blog hasn’t been a high priority when I do have time so it kind of just slid to the backburner.  Anyway, as you can see I changed themes again and got rid of the old now-outdated title.  The problem is I can’t think of a new one right now.  While subbing was the focus of this blog at one time, I don’t want to have my car photographer job replace it as the focus.  I am also a 4th/5th grade leader, a sometimes actor/singer, and am interested in retrogaming even if I don’t play games much anymore.  Well, if anyone has ideas feel free to comment.

I like the changing background, and I was looking for a way to add my own, but have not so far been successful.  Anyway, you can change the background yourself by clicking on one of the little icons at the top.  Otherwise, it chooses a random one each time you visit.

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*ahem* um, yes.  It has been two weeks and yes I am fine.  Back to the program if I can decide what to post…


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I am off

And with no time left for a decent post.  Well, see you on the other side- of the week that is!

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Still alive…

…I think. Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Tired, somewhat overworked from my car job. Last week I subbed for the first time in over a month (español), but still did cars four of the five days. Subbed today (7th LA), still hoping for tomorrow. Sorry I haven’t been reading all of your blogs lately either- kinda’ goes with the no blogging feeling. Some friend, huh? 🙁


Less than three days to the winter retreat!


Oh, turned off the ads, something I had been considering for awhile.  Didn’t earn me anything so I figured why not make a cleaner look for everyone? 😉

[edited to make last paragraph a little less negative]

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