Not so soon after all

While I ponder the point of continuing the camp post at this late date, I would like to say that I think I may be an OSU fan now. 😎

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5 Responses to “Not so soon after all”

  1. Jamiah Says:

    Yes, I thought you might be after the phenomenal half time show!

  2. derek Says:

    For the sake of my Tangents friends, I am happy that it was your university that did this and not some other state, perhaps that divided one to your northwest… 👿

    Yes, I am kind of a sucker for certain game franchises (no, not Halo…) and their music. 🙂

  3. Taylhis Says:

    That was great! I have to admit, when I saw the 9 minute run time, I intended on only watching some, but it kept me captivated! I was in the marching band for a year in high school, and the experience gave me such an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into planning something like this. There are probably computer programs that plan these coordinates now – back in the 90s it was done by hand.
    I’m glad I watched the whole thing – even if Luke did empty 3 of my dresser drawers while I was watching this 😉

  4. derek Says:

    Oh yes, I remember well myself. I was in marching band for all four high school years. Haven’t played since unfortunately. I didn’t know you played a band instrument though. It may have been mentioned before, but I don’t remember.

    BTW, did Luke find what he was looking for? 😆

  5. Taylhis Says:

    A mess? Yes, he found it – just like usual 😉