Drivin’ a wagon

No, not that kind of wagon- though I freely admit my first vehicle was an 80’s Chevy station wagon.  What other kind of wagon can one drive?  If you’re a creative couple, this kind:

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Yes, driving a bona-fide Radio Flyer wagon, or what is made to look like one from what was originally a pickup truck.  Here’s the link to a news story on it:


Skunkpost: You’re never too old for a Radio Flyer


Back to the irregularly-scheduled program on D’s life…eventually.


What can happen in just one weekend in the populous metropolitan Chicago area?  Check this photo out:

Harvest Crusade Chicago 2010
Harvest Crusade Chicago 2010

As if that first picture didn’t say enough, the second picture shows that people are still filing down the ramp in the center!  What is this guy on you may ask?  Well, two weekends ago (yeah, I’m a lazy poster…) was the Harvest crusade at the Allstate arena.  Greg Laurie, the pastor from Harvest Christian Fellowship in California (not to be confused with Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel though the two pastors are good friends) came to our area with a message of hope for everyone.  I attended Sunday night, which hosted a standing-room only crowd!  If I am not being clear, I apologize and think of Greg Laurie as today’s Billy Graham, bringing the message of salvation via crusades in various cities when he is not firing up his own congregation in California.  I have to say- well never mind what I have to say except that it was an awesome experience.  Yes, only God is awesome but since this is His work after all…

Why forget what I have to say?  Because they posted videos of all three nights on their website!  And each night is different.  I actually attended on the night he talked about following Christ even through the pain of loss.  A couple of years ago he lost his own adult son due to a tragic car accident so I would say he is well qualified as a follower and as one who has experience.  Two of the musicians that night also suffered loss- Steven Curtis Chapman who lost a young daughter the very same year as pastor Laurie’s loss, and Jeremy Camp who lost a wife due to cancer several years ago.  Their pain is evident in their songs following the deaths, and they show their faithfulness in the face of it like pastor Laurie by continuing to follow Christ and spread His good news.

Each night is different, so just because you watched one in no way means you’ve seen it all!  Okay, I will have to put my money where my mouth is and watch the other two nights myself.  Saturday I believe was geared toward young adults and teens.  Friday I am not sure, but if you fall into neither category mentioned then Friday will probably be the best choice to watch if you only watch one.

So what does that number in the title represent?  Well, Allstate Arena (formerly Rosemont Horizon) seats well over that amount- in fact over 47,000 attended all weekend.  No, that number represents decisions for Christ made that weekend.  That was one big party in Heaven, as there is much rejoicing over just ONE soul saved.  Look at those pictures again.  The floor of the arena was mostly empty during the presentation and music.  In those photos people who accepted Christ that night came down to receive Bibles and followup information.  Okay, many of the people were follow-up workers (I could have been one since I went through the training beforehand, but I felt I wasn’t ready- next time!) but still- we were told around 2600 had accepted Christ over the last two nights, which means over 2000 were just on Sunday!

Time for me to shut up and let you click to the website.  To a certain blogger who lost his own wife- PLEASE WATCH SUNDAY’S PRESENTATION.  That is all.  And some videos below. [No, the songs I would link to are contained in the messages on the website, so I will not distract you from them].


I need this energy…

This first video just made me laugh.  The second one is just like it- maybe they will make your day too.

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

😀 😀 😀

If you want to look up more on Youtube, the band is Rick K and the Allnighters, and the person of interest is Steve Moore.  There is even an interview with him someone posted but I didn’t listen to it.

A breather at last

Well, it is Saturday and I am neither working nor rehearsing.  For the moment.  The last week has been tech week, so the set has been going up little by little as we have rehearsed.  Even after last night, the final dress, there was still work to be done.  Thursday we got glowing praises from the director on how well the show looked even if the blood wasn’t present yet.  Hey- people die, so there has to be blood- especially for one of the deaths involving a slit throat.   Yes, I will wait while you take care of your stomach in the bathroom…  Well, I do know some of you three readers are horror buffs so you are still with me. 😉

My death is clean so I don’t have to worry about blood at least.  Moving on, last night the director was extremely po’ed after the first act.  He didn’t yell, but he did make sure everyone knew.  He was far more pleased with the second act and so during notes he crumpled up one note after another without reading them aloud so as not to get down on us.  I shudder to think of the contents of the notes had the second act not gone so well.  I do think the first number at the start of the act was the best we have ever done though, even if it did drag a bit.

Following this show I am now in the first community theatre non-musical, that is straight play, I have been in in a very long time.  Now I have done straight drama in church of course, but as for community theatre is has been far too long.  It is the same show Jamiahsh was in last year, but my role is far more humble though I felt my audition went fairly well.  So did others’ apparently.  This is my role:


Oh, sorry. That was Gowron. My role is Gower.  Mr Gower, the druggist a young Mr. Bailey worked for, originally played by H. B. Warner.  They asked if I would be willing to play additional roles if necessary and I said absolutely.  Well, hopefully next time I try out for this group they will know me better (in a good way 😉 ).  We all have to start somewhere.  I do not know when I will begin rehearsing, but I will miss the first read-through because of my Monday night small group.  I’ll try to post more on this topic.