I am off

And with no time left for a decent post.  Well, see you on the other side- of the week that is!

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4 Responses to “I am off”

  1. taylhis Says:

    Off to camp, I presume? Especially since the countdown timer is gone; that would make sense. Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful trip with great weather!
    (think my comment is longer than your post) 🙂

  2. jamiahsh Says:

    Have a great week! Look forward to hearing about your adventures once again 😀

  3. taylhis Says:

    I’ve been thinking about you throughout all this severe weather – I know Michigan got some of it, but I forgot the name of your camp and where you are…
    Looking forward to an update to know that you made it and also had some fun!!

  4. derek Says:

    I’m back! There were a couple of nighttime thunderstorms, but nothing like the microburst evening a few years ago that took down some trees and branches.