Doing backflips

Okay, who can do a backflip?  Well, can you at least do one with the help of a trampoline?  I can’t either.  How about when driving  a several-ton monster truck?  Say what?  Apparently for the first time ever this stunt has been achieved.  Check out this video:

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Maybe if I use the wall I can do it…  Without the truck of course.

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14 Responses to “Doing backflips”

  1. jamiahsh Says:

    BOOLYAH! I was doing backflips before I could walk 😀 HAHAHA!

  2. derek Says:

    Come to think of it, I guess I can probably do a backflip horizontally… 😛

  3. mary911 Says:

    If God had wanted me to do back flips, he would have put springs where my feet are. He didn’t. God is smart.

  4. mary911 Says:

    Hey, Derek, why can’t my pink square guy smile???? He looks so sad!!!!!

  5. derek Says:

    😀 [looks down] nope, no springs here either.

    Sorry M, the avatar is automatically given- I have no control unless I change the set altogether (if I can remember how) like justj did. Or you could give yourself a permanent one like justj and I did.

  6. mary911 Says:

    Eh, no worries. It’s pink. I like it. We can’t smile ALL of the time…. 😉

  7. derek Says:

    I found out how to change the set- though I’m not sure if I like what I picked. I might go back to the other one, or change to the monsters like justj.

  8. mary911 Says:

    Keep it like you had it! Seriously! I’ll survive! (Feeling a bit high maintenance right now….)

  9. derek Says:

    Okay, okay, back to the wavatars 🙂

  10. mary911 Says:

    Perfect!!!! Have a good day!!!! 😉

  11. derek Says:

    I trust you will too. 🙂

  12. taylhis Says:

    @mary911 – I think Derek and Justj LIKE to tinker with things like Avatars on occasion – a concept foreign to you and I.

    @derek – LOVED the video! I really like monster truck shows – the more stunts and carnage, the better!! The last one we went to was kind of lame. I would like to try an indoor one someday; never been to one of those. Videos like this make me actually miss something from IL – the good ole Rockford Speedway! Good times!!

  13. derek Says:

    The frowns are probably to encourage you two to upload your own avatars… 😉

    As for the indoor truck arenas, I have a difficult enough time handling diesel fumes outside- like the shuttle bus drop-off point at church where I have to hold my breath. Indoors would be unimaginable without a gas mask…

    Yet, there is just something about destruction… As long as it’s all in fun for everyone and no one is seriously hurt or killed, in my book at least.

  14. totomix Says:

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