More youtube

Take a look at this trailer for the 1951 version of Raiders of the Lost Ark (click the video to go directly to youtube for a larger version)!

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What, there was no such version you say?  So what was was this then since the actors are real 50s stars?  Give up?  Go to this youtube link that breaks it down for you. 🙂

Incidentally, this isn’t this guy’s first work on a trailer like this.  Click here to see a couple more goodies.

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3 Responses to “More youtube”

  1. justj Says:

    I liked that one. And the Ghost Busters link that was in the same area. Of course with the Raiders, we all know that the Fedora is just a very classic hat. 🙂

  2. derek Says:

    Of the two I liked this one better, personally. I haven’t watched the Forrest Gump one yet.

  3. taylhis Says:

    Interesting concept. I didn’t like that Forrest Gump one, but linked to this and loved it – a Simpsons Forrest Gump trailer; they did a great job!