Mystery painting

So, what to post today?  I have spent a wholly unexciting week at home not getting the things done thet I need to, such as attempting to secure a post-school-year job.  There is also the basement and garage over here that need some attention.  And of course the blogging that I’ve ignored- sorry readers and fellow bloggers.  Instead, I have just watched some movies and a lot of recorded TV shows that have built up over the weeks.  There wasn’t even 4th/5th grade ministry at my church this weekend as it’s the last weekend of the month, when they go to service with their parents.  And what a message, by the way- the first of many.  I may just have to comment on the series when my pastor is done with it.  I’ll tell you though it isn’t a very happy topic.  Drama is also on hiatus for a few weeks.

I suppose I could ask for assistance for my brother’s sake.  He is trying to learn more about a painting he just bought.  It’s undoubtedly not worth anything, but he would still like to learn more.  We tried to dig up some information online but failed for the most part.   If there is anything in what we read we didn’t recognize it as pertinent.  In any event, the painting is of a woman over a worn sheet of music.  He tells me his girlfriend’s son tried to play what was visible, but no one recognized it.  It is signed at the bottom Gor 1963.  Is Gor his name?  His initials?  If one of my readers, lurkers even, can help here that would be great.  Here are a couple of photos of the painting.  Ignore the frame- he added that himself.  Thanks.

Do Klingons type?

When one goes on a trip, they all go.  I really need more readers for my blog.  Sigh.

Well, on the lighter side is a look at some weird computer keyboards I just read about on another site.  Here are just two examples:

Just click here to go to PC Worlds’s article and read about these keyboards and more, including one for the Trekkie in most of us. 🙂

These kids are smart

Private school is where it’s at these days.  Want proof?  Just check out these pictures I took today (yes, with my cellphone- why, can you tell? 😛 ) in the preschool classroom room at my church (where they have school during the week):  😀

Oh yes, click for larger pics! 🙂



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I hate bureaucracy

Yes, hate- a stong word for someone such as myself.  Here’s the new thing in IL- mess up and forget to register your plates on time and you have to jump through bureaucratic hoops.  I noticed yesterday my plates were expired.  Oops- they sent me notice two months ago but it got buried and forgotten.  No problem, I’ll just go to the currency exchange to reregister as I always do.  Nothing doing apparently- now they require an emissions test first.  What?  Of course, with expired plates it’s illegal to drive there.  So what do they do?  Make available temporary registration that I’m told will only allow me to legally drive to the test facility, nowhere else.  Are they convenient to obtain?  This is government we’re talking about, so what do you think?  I drove to the local DMV which I thought was full service.  Nope.  They gave me the addresses of the three closest places- all over 20 miles away (in Chicago traffic remember!).  So I’m left with a choice- knowingly drive illegally to the test station and hope they don’t check the registration, or jump through this latest hoop and hope I can still get registered before the price-increase deadline.  Nanny states- why many people love them I will never know.  Conservativism clearly rules the day here.

From teens to tots

As most of you know I generally sub at any grade level I can in the districts I’m signed up for.  That could mean anywhere from K-8, though my most comfortable levels are around 3rd-7th and during the less lean times I stick to them for the most part.  However, these are not those times and I will pretty much take anything that comes up.  8th grade is actually not uncommon at all for me to take even in the best of times, and neither is 2nd- adding one level to each end of my comfort range.  However, pre-kindergarten is pretty rare.  Not just for me to take, but just to be offered since it is not one of the required grades.  Come to think of it, I don’t think kindergarten is required either but it has pretty much become standard since at least the middle of last century to prepare kids for 1st grade.  Now of course many, many families take advantage of preschool, so it is no surprise that school districts are picking up on this age bracket as well.  I’m not sure just what the requirements are to enroll ones child in public preschool but they are probably simple like “must be able to walk” and “must be toilet trained.”  In some districts they actually have to be considered special-needs kids to qualify, so toilet trained is not necessarily required for these kinds of kids- I can attest to this as assistants regularly change kids of all ages, usually behind closed doors but there was one classroom where they changed an 8th-grade-aged boy right in the classroom with very little in the way to prevent seeing those parts usually covered up, not that any of the kids would have cared anyway since they were all similarly impaired.

But back to normal kids.  Monday I was in an 8th-grade science classroom at the very early district meaning an arrival time of 7:15AM- this coming after I had maybe 4-5 hours of sleep.  Fortunately this lack of sleep always hits one the following day as opposed to the current day, and Tuesday was no exception.  The kids had a video to watch about the first 25 years of NASA.  They talked about the start of our aeronautics exploration back in 1915 with the inception of NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) though the birth of NASA itself wasn’t until 1958, and continued with the US response to Sputnik, the trips which eventually landed us on the moon, and remote exploration of the planets.  This was a 60-minute video so I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I suppose it must have ended talking about the three space shuttles up to that 25-year point in time.  There really isn’t much to say about the classes themselves- they were six identical classes.

Tuesday I found myself at the opposite end of the scale, but only at the end of the day- I started as an ELL resource (pull-out) teacher for 1st-5th grade.  In fact, most of my morning was spend with some kids from the very classroom I subbed in a few weeks ago.  We went over some reading, some letter names and sounds, played some games… Pretty enjoyable.  I then went to Wendy’s (baconator- mmm) to grab some lunch and headed to the other school where I would be in preschool.  This was where my lack of sleep two nights before would catch up to me.  I really did nothing much in these two classrooms (half an afternoon in each of two preschool classrooms as a floater) except act as an extra set of eyes.  I had been in one of the rooms a couple of weeks before during ISAT week and that day they started with putting simple puzzles together but today they would start by doing some coloring.  St. Patrick’s day pages of course, this bing March 17th and all.  There was one little girl who smiled at me with a “you don’t see me doing anything wrong” smile the entire way as she headed to the trash, hands behind her back, to throw away here pages because she messed up coloring the first page.  Uh-huh- nice try.  I fished them out and she had to go back to coloring them.  I guess I did get to do something- I got to read a book about some kids trying to catch a leprechaun for his you-know-what.  I tried to give it a bit o’ an Irish lilt as I read the leprechaun’s lines, and other parts of the story.  During their centers time I had to gulp down the rest of my caffeinated water as apparently the caffeine from the Dr. Pepper I had for lunch was very weak and I was in danger of collapsing on a chair.  But I made it.  They were in their centers for an hour before I went to the other room which then finished up their own centers- both rooms have pretty much the same routine, did some singing and listened to another story (read by someone else in the room regrettably), packed up, and went outside to play until their buses arrived.

So how was today?  Maybe I’ll tell later.  Another LD classroom, self-contained, 5th and 6th grades.

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What Koolaid have you been drinking?

This is a sort of a non-alcoholic version asked of someone when he or she says something crazy.  A less rude way I suppose than asking, “What drugs have you been taking?” or, “Are you drunk??”  In this story the answer is it wasn’t Koolaid at all, but a case of mistaken identity- wind-shield washer fluid.  Yipes.  Click the link in the title for the full article.

10 drink windshield wiper fluid at Ark. day care

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Ten children drank windshield wiper fluid after a staffer at an Arkansas day care mistakenly put the liquid in a refrigerator and served it, hospital officials said Friday.

Doctors estimate the children, ages 2 to 7, drank about an ounce of the blue fluid late Thursday afternoon before realizing it tasted wrong, said Laura James, a pediatric pharmacologist and toxicologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Only one child remained hospitalized Friday morning, after blood samples showed “measurable levels” of methanol, a highly toxic alcohol that can induce comas and cause blindness, officials said. The day care also provided the fluid for testing.

“All we know was that the individual at the day care had recently shopped and had come back to the day care with a lot of different products,” James told The Associated Press. “This product was mistakenly grabbed and thought to be Kool-Aid and put in the refrigerator.”

What a mistake!  Thankfully it looks like all the kids are almost all okay.  I pray that the one still hospitalized is as well.

Will collect body parts for vacation trip…

(From now I won’t add graphics to every post to save on time for me, and prevent scroll-wheel syndrome for my fellow readers with paltry sub-1080p screen resolutions 😛 )

There have been some strange advertisement campaigns in the past, but this is the first time I have heard of one like this.  Usually this sort of thing is left to the commercials on TV, and there have been some really strange ones like this one, this one, this one, and even some of these.  This though is big, it’s live, and you can win a trip to Africa.  I will quote the blog post from Capcom:

Majini *coughZOMBIEScough* have gone through a small part of London, leaving behind a trail of remnant body parts from their victims. Find the bodies on the morning of Thursday March 12th and win a vacation to Africa.

Register at to be sure to receive the clues as to where the remains can be found.

Find as many of the bodies as you can, or what is left of them, and return them to Westminster Bridge by 11am.

The body parts will be hidden at locations near Trafalgar Square, within this area.

And this is where you should take them.

Alert us to your presence by standing on the bridge, holding the artificial body parts over your head and shouting “Kijuju!” We will be there, watching you, and will approach when you make yourselves known.

Points allocated for each body part – 2 points for arms, 2 points for legs, 3 points for torsos, 5 points for a head. The more body parts you find and bring to us, the more points you get. The player(s) with the most points by 11am win the trip to Africa.

The game begins at 9am. Good hunting – we will see you on the bridge. Take pictures, take video, have fun. And don’t wear your best clothes – it’s going to be messy.

A little strange this one.  All I have to say is, “Kijuju!” (whatever that means).  :mrgreen: