Friends, I have found it…

I have found a list of the emoticons used by wordpress.  Check it out:


Say, C, any way we can update these smilies to look like the ones on this page:mrgreen:

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6 Responses to “Friends, I have found it…”

  1. justj Says:

    Thanks 8) Now I can use these two: 👿 😈

  2. derek Says:

    The evil and twisted JustJ… 😯

  3. justj Says:

    Or twisted and Evil, you never can tell from one day to the next.

  4. jamiahsh Says:

    thanks… I would say evil and twisted… but you are right, you never can tell 😀

  5. jamiahsh Says:


  6. Random thoughts for today | Random Thoughts Says:

    […] I knew somebody had the list of what emoticons actually works here. Ok, I found them, thanks again Derek!! Why can’t all of the various chat area, blog sites, bulletin boards, social networks, ect. […]