Rubik’s Cube for the tech-savvy

How does a techie solve a Rubik’s Cube?  Simple, he builds a machine to do it!  Even geekier is the fact that the machine is made out of Legos.  Check it out:

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Original site:  Tilted Twister

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2 Responses to “Rubik’s Cube for the tech-savvy”

  1. jamiahsh Says:

    Thank you for speeding it up… whoever you are Mr. Anderssen. The only way I could solve it was by cheating… taking it apart and putting it back. But check out the unusual colors on the cube… black?

  2. derek Says:

    If you go to the link, he explains that the light sensor had a difficult time distinguishing between some colors. Apparently there is a color sensor you can get instead, or just change some of the stickers as he did. 😀